These are Labors of Love from the Past.

MT6088 - Animal Twat CDR - $5.00
"Another eyebrow raising entity in the ever expanding MT6 universe, Animal Twat islabel head Alex "Newagehillbilly" Strama, with buddies Chief Pokawa, Chin Forces, and Mother Orchid are a thrash-punk act. corroded guitar flogs, plegmn-soaked-Nerf-football howls, and avalanche-like drum bashings..." Raymond Cummings Baltimore City Paper
MT6084 - Rosemary Krust "Slow Light" CDR 45 copies OUT OF PRINT
Baltimore FuckGaze Guitar Duo. Boy/Girl Atmospheric Nets cast upon your Ears.

MT6082 - Chief Pokawa "Cannibalism for Space" CDR - $5.00
The 2nd Chief Pokawa Release of 2008 digs deeper into the soul and mind of this Baltimore County Freakoid. Finding himself back in the depths of the Tz2udio, he is once again comfortable w/ exposing the Demons(and butterflys....)
MT6081 - Engine "Fringe" CDR
This Duo challenges the theories of songcrafting with Sample Driven Sound Creations. Tribalistic Steady Beat Driven Collages. Features N.O. Smith known for his large resume in the baltimore Film/Doc/Music scene.
Fringe MP3

MT6080 - Whistletips CDR
I recived a CDR in the mail awhile back w/ no info and 40 homemade covers cut out of magazines. There was no return address on it either. THese 2 tracks are sound like Circuit Bent signals sent through many effects pedals rewired for listening pleasure. If your out there and you did this CD. Congrats!

MT6079 - The Dirt "Gossip rots the Soul" CDR
The Dirt give up their 4th full length release(second for MT6) and surprise many of us w/ the toned down trip hop sound. Not traditional trip hop but the dirts version with guitars/beats/spoken word atmospheric sound. Recorded on Reel to Reel 2 Track.
where are the meesers MP3

MT6075 - The Agrarians "Meet We The Medicine" - CDR
The Agrarians unleash a whole new Chapter in their MT6 History with "Meet We The Medicine". Unlike the previous 4 releases on MT6(not to mention countless others on various Labels), this document reaches into different lands of sound and songwriting. Combining Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Casios, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, ect.. Recorded on Cassette 4 Track. Full Jewel Case Packaging.
The Shadow Plays MP3

MT6073 - Chin Forces "Feast for the Eager" - CDR
Instrumentals Based around Guitar Compositions. A Trio led by Chin Himself, features members of Heroin UK, The Wire Orchestra, and more.
Transport MP3

MT6070 - Miracle Baby! Benefit for Olivia Strama CDR - $5.00
CD compiled to Benefit Olivia Zofia Strama who received a heart transplant at 7 months old. A truly strong baby who has touched many people in a powerful way. Proceeds from sales will go to the recovery bills and medicines. Exclusive from Newagehillbilly, Human Host, Bo Lee Da, Cheif Pokawa, Heroin UK, Bad Liquor Pond, Natty Boh, A) Torture Mechanism, USSA Pleasuredome, Mike Bell and many More!!
MT6062 - Cream Center "Beggars / Demons" Double 3" CDR
MT6 got the first recordings to leak out of this new experimental trio based out of the suburbs of baltimore. "Beggars" delivers a track that sounds like aliens meeting in a mess hall and a long feedback/ambient piece. "Demons" offers up 4 other tracks of the aliens mutating. Double 3" Cdr. Perfect for any occasion.
Revolution MP3

MT6061 - The Agrarians "All Patrol the Alchemist/The Glamour of the Boys" CDR $5
A collection of twelve songs addressing the complex nature of easygoing free love juxtaposed with ten political ramblings of varying critical severity toward all notions of American Imperialism. Third Agrarians MT6 Release in less than a year.
MT6060 - Dr. Tuborg "Dr. Tuborg and the Crimson Vanguard: The Rise of the Fledgling" CDR
Ambient Space Rock
Helia MP3

MT6059 - Bo Lee Da "FreakPorn" CDR 50 Copies OUT OF PRINT
Freakporn is Bo Lee Da's most focused and produced record to date. A Full Length packed with epic rock, classical guitars, and tripped out compositions.

MT6058 - Social Junk "Offering" CDR
Social Junk "offer" up this audio experiment to the MT6 World. The band records in the hills of West Virginia and in a Waste Water Treatment plant in Kentucky between midnight and 5am. I was suprised at first listen after seeing them live a few times in baltimore and Nyc. The Live experiences were Noise Blowouts and Twisted Pop. This record is very deep and intense with haunting passages of drone electronics, trumpets, voice, guitars, gongs, percussion ect...
Stoner Car MP3

MT6057 - Abiku "set the pace to grueling and the rations to meager" Double MP3 CDR $5
These MP3 CDs are a complete collection of every show the band bothered to record and hold onto on our first cross country tour in July and August of 2004 - about 9 hours of music in all. Shows from all across the country including HOTlanta and Olympia. The final track of CD 2 is a collage of all of the shows playing at the same time, so for more efficient listening, you should skip straight to there.
Dance O Rama MP3

MT6055 - Needlegun "The end of August at Hotel Zone" CDR
NeedleGun are a 4 piece(most of the time) young, energetic, improv, noise psyche outfit from north baltimore county. They create thick noisescapes and thundering tribal drums/percussion blending Freakout Jazz with Freakout Noise. In their short time as a band they have managed to play and put together countless shows with great quality bands.
Circless MP3

5 MT6050 - Mother Orchid "Mafia Bush" CDR
What is this? 45 seconds was 15 seconds ago, but your version of 15 seconds ago is 34 seconds too slow! A new level of zonked, all-star cast mayhem. "Mafia Bush" is a bawdy femme-mental hospital smorgasbored--spawned and belched from some gothic nowhere. Courtesy of a freaksquad that is obsessed/possessed by the early works of Diamond, Yauch, and Horovitz. Every note is spewed and not played, and every second sounds like it was recoded at prize-winning panhandler's dance party death celebration of the century. What if the Melvins grew up on K records & recorded an album in the metal asylum they belong in with the reincarnated spirits of dead Doors and flapper whores on the mic... Mother Orchid is going stag with a hot mic in her bag.
Cimmerian Darkness MP3

MT6048 - Dr. Tuborg "The Puppetry of the Gods" CDR 100 Copies OUT OF PRINT
"Heavy" Trance Space Rock, long droning passages of electronics and acoustic guitars.

MT6047 - Heirs of Rockefeller / USSA Pleasuredome Split CDR 150 Copies OUT OF PRINT
2 of Baltimore's Finest put together a great split CD that flows like it their tracks were recorded together. T.H.O.R.(paul from Dark Water Transit/Compression) takes electronic prog to new levels and USSA(greg from Mouth Curved Moonlight/Compression) offers a more ambient side of dark electronics. First in a series of Split releases that will appear on this label and others...

MT6046- Myo "Process" CDR
“Process” lunges into a noisey realm, bucking and bubbling in multiple directions as synthesizers, altered vocals, objects and software pile on top of each other in a glutenous melange.
Process MP3

MT6045 - OVO / SMUT Split 7"
split release from Ovo and Smut. the Ovo side contains a throbbing, groaning mid-tempo piece with sparse/heavy drumming and beautifully demonic vocals. Smut picks up the pace with a bunch of (very) short, Spastic songs. perfect combination of noise and punk/hardcore sound. Comes w/ tons of photo inserts. Co-release with Friends of Relatives, Carbon, Bar La Muerte, Big Magic, Public Eyesore, What and SubFort.

MT6044- Heroin UK "S/T" CDR 200 copies OUT OF PRINT
Rock and Roll, Psychadelic, Spaced Out Punk Rock created by dual guitars, bass, drums, and a True Rock and Roll Frontman. Live shows are nuts, shit gets broken, and its fuckin LOUD. This is the first Full Length by the band and captures their raw beginnings.

MT6043- The Agrarians "The Time is Free" CDR $5
A collection of ten songs recorded with acoustic instruments in an attempt to recapture the innocence and glory of summers lost.
MT6042- Newagehillbilly "JOHN" / Bo Lee Da "Rita's Prize" CDR
2 albums Released on ONE DISC!!! Newagehillbilly "JOHN" and Bo Lee Da "Rita's Prize" are both Featured on this Masterpiece. Newagehillbilly's "JOHN" is a collection of New and Unreleased Songs that continue to break tags and genres. Bo Lee Da's "Rita's Prize" is a Classic Unreleased Album orginally recorded in 2000 and never released until NOW!!!
Newagehillbilly "Control Factor" MP3

MT6041- Pat Grant and the Blown Fuses "Apogee and Entropy" CDR
On the new disc Grant moves away from the delicate, quirky folk ballads of his 2002 independent release, Hackneyed & Svelte, to direct, straight ahead rock and pop songs. Where Hackneyed & Svelte featured the sound of a quiet, introspective, rookie songwriter, The Apogee And The Entropy is the sound of a rock band plugging in and jamming on the spot. On his new release Grant has graduated from the skeptical take on human psychology and spirituality present on Hackneyed & Svelte to a more confident, more profound take on human relationships and feelings. This time around we find Grant more in touch with himself, more in command of his songs and ultimately functioning more as a member of a band than as an the eccentric solo performer we have known him as in the past.
Lets Go MP3

MT6040- The Dirt "Comes Alive" CDR 100 Copies OUT OF PRINT
This is the Dirt's Third CD, a one hour collection of Live Recordings from this current millenium. These people are brilliant, but sick and delusional egomaniacs. They run around acting like big rock stars, but they have'nt played out in almost 3 years, and their rehearsals are no more than watching TV, or maybe going to the wafflehouse. Despite all that, the DIRT manage to make one kick ass CD!!! A 2 piece guitar/drum machine and vocals explosion.

MT6039- TadPole Angel "Nervous Prick" CDR 100 Copies OUT OF PRINT
Tadpole Angel hails from Woodbine Md. A bit WEST of Baltimore City. His "official" debut Cd mashs together his Vocal styles along with dirty beats and wicked scratches. After years of self-released cdrs this album wraps it up all nice and pretty for ya. Yes, this is a Hip Hop record so put on your shades and light em up!

MT6037- Tom Myers "Words of Mass Destruction" CDR 50 Copies OUT OF PRINT
Fallston MD. native Tom Meyers teams up with MT6 Records for the Release of "Words of Mass Destruction". Tom self-released this album last year, a collection of stand up performances and Radio Clips from his Goucher College radio show. Tom is a hardworking comedian looking to spread the word. So LISTEN UP!!!
MT6035- Bad Liquor Pond "Ramblings" CDR - 150 Copies OUT OF PRINT
Bad Liquor Pond is a indie psych rock group from the Baltimore / Washington DC area. A collection of improvised home recordings makes up this disc. Bad Liquor Pond live performances incorporate projection shows along with free form musical creation and the expression of their collective vision. It's American drone rock and roll.

MT6036- Forest Dwellers "Forest Dwellers LOVE YOU" CDR
Forest Dwellers have gone through some changes since the first time I saw them in March 2005 at the Charm City Art Space In B-MORE MD. That night they spat out basement punk with shitty amps and broken drums and danced around chanting with the audience switching instruments throughout the performance. After losing a guitar player and getting a new one, they were rumored to be broken up. Months later songs started appearing on their myspace page courtesy of Brian Dweller who wanted to keep the band alive. There has taken on more of a collective vibe with at least 6-7 rotating members. I believe this release marks the first "official" full Length by the band.
MT6033- Asteroid Field "HappyLands/DeadLands" CDR - 50 Copies OUT OF PRINT
Chief Pokawa forms a band w/ Peace McFlease and Darnell Johnson. Over 20 Songs!!

MT6031- Baskettree / Wax and Wane Split CDR - 200 Copies OUT OF PRINT
Baskettree / Wax and Wane - Split CDR - MT6031 - Release Date Mar. 1st
Baskettree and Wax and Wane offer up a batch of acoustic sessions. Baskettree sings deep, dark, and delicate neo folk songs. Jess and Lindsay from Passiou make up this elusive duo. Wax and Wane spin acoustic tales with Male and Female vocals. Beautiful songs with acoustic strong songwriting and creative recording.

MT6030- The New Flesh "Punch Drunk in this Shit World" 7" 300 Copies OUT OF PRINT
Co-released by Human Conduct, MT6, Cephia’s Treat, and Realicide Youth Records. Live wasted punk rock despair by The New Flesh with R.Inhuman vocalist lineup 28 October 2005 at a house party in Fort Wayne IN. Drunks With Guns cover “Punched In The Head” and an untitled New Flesh song combined with “In This Shit World” lyrics by R.Inhuman
MT6028- Down with Gender "Theres no Sex like No Sex" CDR $5 LESS THAN 8 COPIES LEFT
I saw Down With Gender at the Shit Snake Lazer Beam in Towson Md. this summer(Aug.05) and asked them to release a record on MT6 a week or so later. They blend together synthPop, techno, dance, and other electronic/experimental subgenres w/ great results. Over top the array of beats and sounds are some pumped up vocals. when I saw them that day lead singer Sam was wearing only some bunched up underwear and bounced around the room while audience members chanted along w/ chorus lines. This Cdr will rock your socks (or underwear) off.
Robots bring the Dance MP3 MT6027- Shelly Blake "What a Queer Thing, Democracy" CD $8 - LESS THAN 10 COPIES LEFT
Ringing Boots and MT6 Records are proud to jointly release WHAT A QUEER THING, DEMOCRACY, the new full-length music CD by SHELLY BLAKE. Called Baltimore’s “folk and improvisation icon” by WYPR’s The Signal, Blake (b. 1974) has been making cult-variety recordings since 1995. This newest offering is Blake’s most unapologetically political release. The music conjures a vision of the folk artist’s America – a place where militarism and commercialism threaten the survival of the musician, but where faith and brash determination define the artist’s response. This is an album documenting pain, financial struggles, social hassles, self-doubt, and caustic wit. But it is also an album that records the love of family and faith in God. It is an album that sums up one artist’s experience on the homefront during the Bush Administration’s war of aggression in Iraq and war of economic indifference within the States. Blake’s earliest published work consisted of songs recorded directly to answering machine tapes -- very raw bits of ravaged songs. Later, Blake turned to the analog four-track as his chosen means of capturing sound. He quickly recorded dozens of songs and improvisations in this fashion before disappearing in 1996 into a quasi-hermitic lifestyle. Alternative Press referred to this material as “a dose of genius”. Since resurfacing in the year 2000, Blake's music has become ever more eclectic; WHAT A QUEER THING, DEMOCRACY montages folkblues strumming with snippets of electric freakout and splices free improvisational breathing studies with stream-of-consciousness inspired piano-interlaced lyrics.
They hate our Freedom Blues MP3 MT6026- Hex Screw "ANTHOLOGON" 3" CDR
Blankets of sound/noise attack your ears and mind when slipping this 3" CDR into your stereo system. Created and Mutated by 17 year old Sam Garrett of Baltimore Md. Bending Circuits/ Deconstructed Acoustic Gtr/ BrainFuzz.
"Wow. Disturbing. Laugh out loud hilarious (if you have a weird sense of humor). Harsh. ADHD. Experimental. Way out there. Eclectic is an understatement. A listening experience like no other. The shortest review I have ever written. Wow." From Fishcomcollective ONLINE 1/06.

MP3 MT6025- EN.joyable "isitindia" CDR
EN.joyable are the First International Band to the label and live in Kursk Russia. This release features 2 versions of the album, one in Russian and one In English. Electronic Pop/LoFi Folk/. Male/Female Vocals. Interesting and Exciting collage of Cultures and Styles. "Our music is strange & there are few people who listen to it in a certain geographical point. But the world is great & great is the number of these points; so, we have found & are still looking for our listeners & only this (but not profit) keeps E.N.JoyAble turn".
MT6024- Bo Lee Da "Smut" CDR- 300 Copies OUT OF PRINT
This CD was recorded at MT6 Studios in Baltimore Md. July 2005. There is a strong acoustic feel to this Album with the combination of Nylon and Steel Stringed Guitars along with Hammond Organ. Bo Lee Da is the solo metamorphisis of 10 years worth of bands such as Operation Huss, Ruby Masquerade, Pillage of the Glass City & the Wire Orchestra. Bo Lee Da performs alone usually with Classical Guitar, Keys, vocals - all going thru pedals and live loops.
Split Release w/Dark Sally Records and Balefire Recordings
MT6023- TempSoundSolutions "I Yobot" CDR
Temp Sound Solutions aka Shawn Phase has been making some wild electronic music for many years now. Best known for his 4!! Video Game cover albums that he has self-released featuring over 70 songs from the Nintendo Catalog. This release contains all original songs and will melt the brain of anyone not careful. Shredding some serious guitar riffs over driving beats, blips, and bOOms, these tracks are rock in the purest sense.

MT6022- We Are The Musk Brigade "Sand Dunes + Beef Balloons/Let Me see Your Moo-Flomps" CDR 100 Copies OUT OF PRINT
The Following is a message from Jesse Krakow. NYC 9/05 ========
We Are The Musk Brigade was invented in the summer of 2004 by myself and Eric Klein. It is a 4-track collaboration band consisting of anyone I think is cool and want to make an album with. I have met countless extraordinary musicians, artists, random folk, etc. from all over the world over the past few years, and I wanted to have a project/vehicle that allowed me to collaborate with them, as well as have them collaborate with other musicians from around the world that they did and do not know, many of the members of the We Are The Musk Brigade have never met each other, which only goes to prove that not only do you not have to like someone to make music with them - you don't even have to know 'em. "Sand Dunes + Beef Balloons/Let Me See Your Moo-Flomps" represents Volumes 1 and 2 of WATMB, and features Nate Hayden (ex-Friends Forever) in CO, Anne Gomez (Cantwell Gomez & Jordan) in NC, Beever in CA, Rebat in MA, scutopus in NH, and myself in NYC. I sent it to Wendell Edwards to polish up and make pretty. It was then mastered by the ruthless and brutal Colin Marston (Behold..The Arctopus/Dysrhythmia/Infidel?/Castro!) and illustrated by the smiling Red Sox fan Mike Williams.
MT6021- CAVEMEN!! "Never Defeated" CDR 100 Copies OUT OF PRINT
Yea Baby, CAVEMEN!! is a way of Life for this DUO. Featuring Chief Pokawa
and Newagehillbilly teaming up on various collaborations of Sound.
Acid Metal/Electronic Noisescapes/Acid Hip Hop/Raw Vibes!! Limited CDR of 100
MT6019- Mike Bell "Losing the Friendster Scene" CDR 200 Copies OUT OF PRINT
this cd was recorded at the fountain inn in williamstown,kentucky Sept. 2004. two guitars,in stereo,played simultaniously,with the sounds of the outside world mixed in.edited/eq-ed by rich feinstein at the cone of silence studios in baltimore,md."
Mike Bell creates Fried out Feedback/Fuzz Driven Extreme/Noise Ambient Sounds that
captured on this Cdr Release. No stranger to many scenes that are all Friendly
including Temple of Bon Matin, Motor Morons, and many others.

MT6017- Chief Pokawa "Songs for Psychos" Double CDR - 100 Copies OUT OF PRINT
This Double CDR is packed full with 35 songs of complete POKAWA. lots of
Intense Lyrics, strumming guitars, Casio Keys, Manual Beats, ect.. going on here
Styles range from PsycheRock/PostPunk/NewShit, guest spots by many Wire Orchestra
members including Newagehillbilly, Bdoptical, Jesus in Disguise, and Bo Lee Da.

MT6016 - Therom/Desensitized Robots Split CDR - 50 COPIES OUT OF PRINT
Therom is a 3 piece Electronic band that uses heavy synth sounds mutated
through Effects Pedals/Processors. Desensitized Robots are a Harford County
Duo that create Spaced out Stoner sounds through various electronics/samplers.

MT6015 - The New Flesh "Whats Owls is Yours Vol. 1" CDR - LIMITED 220 COPIES OUT OF PRINT
gnarly carlo from Audiobot ( says: ""A stubborn loose bones rock'n'roll corpse eaten back to life by garage maggots drenched in distortion, sweaty feedback, lowbrow fuzz and no wave rhythms bouncing off the wall. Screamo chaos and Factory gloom period style tension, that sounds like it's recorded in Iggy Pop's purulent armpit with an owl whispering in your ears 'now prepare to lose control'! For fans of Swing Kids, Magik Markers, pregnant teens and the flesh bound spirit that guides us all into the depths... One foot in the grave - one arm in the pit. demonic insert to boot, a genuine cosmic cockroach experience." Recently named Best Local Band by The Baltimore City Paper's
Top Ten of 2004. Split Release with Imvated Records from Belguim!!
MT6013 - Human Host "Invisible Arteries" CD - 525 Copies OUT OF PRINT
MT6 Records is proud to be part of this release by a deep rooted Baltimore Pysche/Hardcore band. Features Current and Ex Members of Charm City Suicides and The New Flesh. Their live shows are always different and range from Noisey Rock Explosions to Pyschadelic CHamber/Opera Music.
MT6012 The Wire Orchestra "S/T" CDR 250 COPIES OUT OF PRINT
Finally a recording from this Baltimore free/improv space psych outfit. After 2 years and over 80 shows, the current lineup entered the studio in January of 2004 and blasted out over an hour of improvised acid space rock, trumpet and violin generated scrape-and-clatter sonic esoterica, neurotic electronics, and evocative melodic drones.

MT6011 Newagehillbilly "Familiar Puzzle" CDR in DVD Case
This is the strongest release yet by this experimental/noisescapes/folk/rock project This Album was the last MT6 Release recorded at The Trailer Studios on the Tascam 414MKII 4 Track. "A variety of conventional instruments (like guitar and trumpet) contribute to the orass of electronics, fleshing out the sound and generating a homey feel to the instrumental tuneage. The result is an engaging (but often unsettling) minimalism violated by pleasant melodies and adventurous structure.
Harford county homegrown underground circa 92'.
First 12 tracks orginal DDS members BIG D and TROY bring the Casio experience. These songs were recorded in basements, on driveways, and in moving Vehicles!! WORM finishes with 8 tracks of old school METAL. This recording is the only surviving document of this band conisting of 2 Drummers, 2 Bassists, Guitar, and Vocal. Sound Implosion.

MT6009 Newagehillbilly
"Circular Research Series Vol 1."--3" CDR IN SLIM LINE CASE- 70 COPIES OUT OF PRINT

A rotating audio text with the process of single guitar pieces intertwined into electro BEATS. Selections taken from found 4 track sessions from years before. Manipulated Rotating Experiments.

MT6008 Pillage Crew "#1 Hip Hop"-CDR 50 COPIES OUT OF PRINT
This is serious underground hip hop. Recorded all analog on casette 4 track and 1/4" 8 reel to reel 8 track. These beats are thick. MCs Buddy Price, Newagehillbilly, Mother Orchid, T2 and others deliver bold lyrics on trance electronic melodies. These songs were recorded over the course of 2 Years at Trailer Studios somewhere between 2002 and 2003.

MT6007 "This is who was there Vol 1." 70 COPIES OUT OF PRINT"V/A"
Limited Cdr orginally pressed for a show at 1614 Lounge in Fells Point Md. Includes tracks by The Wire Orchestra, The Big Screen, Newagehillbilly, Harmstryker, A Torture Mechanism, and Cheif Pokowa.

MT6006 Chief Pokawa "S/T" CDR 80 COPIES OUT OF PRINT
One room apartment, digital 8 Track, drum machine. Songs about life, TV, and the inner beast. Pure Devastion. "slightly off-key vocals and guitars, odd structures, along with some wonderfully zonked out slide-guitar and occasional processed vocals. Makes for cool late night listening. 11 tracks in all of nicely mutated,low-fi, cough-syrup pop."--"Recordings of weird purposely out-of-tune guitars, vocals, and noise. Everything sort of drones along like the early 80's lo-fi bands" Tric Zine 10/03
MT6005 Newagehillbilly "Driving on Ice" CDR - 300 COPIES OUT OF PRINT
Already a classic in the underground electronic/experimental scene. "Enveloping Minimalism, a certain Dark Side and sometimes acid textures, frequently with an experimental Nature." 12/03
MT6004 RotGuts "Live at Wyatts 1/5/01" CDR - 80 COPIES OUT OF PRINT
Historic show recorded at the now defunct Wyatts in Fells Point MD. 2 Basses, Keyboard, and drums. Punk Rock for the open-minded. Big Momma in the House.

MT6003 Pillage of the Glass City CDR- 200 COPIES OUT OF PRINT
"S/T" Mind expanding soundscapes and grooves with touches of classical and electronic fusion. Songs for the Underground. This could be the most underated Space/Stoner Rock lbum to come out of Baltimore in the last few years.
MT6002 - Operation Huss "Eyeball Shesh Kebob" CDR 210 COPIES OUT OF PRINT
Late 90's power trio that rocked the east coast.
Classics like Shuttleman, Dewackatize and The Gallery.
MT6001 - Newagehillbilly "Lofi Dreams" CDR- 300 COPIES OUT OF PRINT
17 tracks recorded at the now defunt Trailer Studios 1997-2001. Acid Folk Instrumentals, Dance club hits, and space center anthems. 4 Track Delights. "indietronic dance hits, Low fi junk jams, insidious beats, and damaged funk blasts are tempered by bass driven ambience and homemade trance loops. fractured bedroom pop and noisy weirdness. "